We also Specialise In:

- Log Book Service
- Comprehensive Safety Report
- Petrol & Light Diesel Engines
- Brake Servicing & Replacement
- Automatic Transmission Service
- Radiator & Cooling Systems
- Ignition Systems
- Fuel Systems
- Suspension & Steering
- Driveshaft’s & Axles
- Air Conditioning
- Wheel Alignment & Balancing

Automotive Service Centre

New Car, Log Book, Standard Service, All Mechanical Repairs. Able to supply Genuine & Non Genuine products to all makes & models at affordable prices.


Brakes Service Centre

To ensure that the braking system is always in perfect working order, both brake disc & brake pads or drum brakes must be maintained. We recommend checking your brakes at every service. Brake fluid should be flushed and replaced at least every 2 years.


Electronic Diagnostic Services

If your “Check Engine light” is on, it means your vehicle’s on board computer diagnostic system has detected one or more faults (ie. Engine, Transmission, ABS & Electrical Components) that need to be investigated.


Auto Transmission Service

There are 3 types of transmissions, Manual, Automatic and Semi-Automatic. It is important to maintain your auto transmission to ensure smooth gear changes. If you are worried about the noises or your gear changes aren’t feeling quite right, it is time to get your car checked


Tyre & Tyre Repairs

Able to provide a wide range of Passenger, Performance, SUV, 4X4, Light Truck Tyres at affordable prices to our Customers with Budget, Mid-Range & Top Brand Tyres.


Battery Service Centre

Reliability + Durability + Performance = Superior Value for Money, With Our Extensive Product Range on Long Lasting Maintenance Free Batteries with up to 40 Months Warranty.